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Etched Glass Brisbane

Etched Glass in your Brisbane office or home is a cheap and effective way of creating privacy and style to your pre-existing glass. There are many forms of Etched Glass film available but the most popular effect we install at Frosted Glass Brisbane is acid etched glass. His film gives a nice consistent look whilst still letting in large amounts of light.

Etched Glass can be installed quickly with minimal or no disruption to the workplace.  With or online etched glass quote form it’s as easy as measuring your glass size and inputting your measurements, or picking up the phone to get great value window frosting Brisbane. This is a great option for customers in the Brisbane CBD as it provides a quick and accurate quote regardless of the size.

Etched Glass Brisbane – The results speak for themself

Most of our customers are surprised at the cheap price. In most cases it works out a lot cheaper than blind or shutters, without blocking light. Many films only block about 10% light which is undetectable to the naked eye.

Do you have a board room or meeting room that feels like a fish bowl? Etched glass film could be the answer.  So get price today for Etched glass in your Brisbane office.

Etched Glass film Brisbane