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Window Frosting around Brisbane

Window frosting in Brisbane is the perfect way to add privacy and elegance to what would otherwise be normal glass. There are many different films available in window frosting including sandblast and acid etch to name a few. Many Brisbane offices choose to go with window frosting for their office partitioning as it is a cheap way to add privacy and class. Residential Privacy glass is also popular in Brisbane, as house and land are getting smaller and the need for etched glass is on the up.

Window Frosting Brisbane – Applications include

  • Office partitions
  • Bathroom windows
  • Shopfronts
  • Shower screens
  • Balustrade

Window frosting doesn’t just end there. Now with the aid of modern printing you can have your place of work looking top notch. Printing anything up to a photo onto the window frosting will transform your Brisbane business in no time. Even a simple computer cut graphic or logo cut into the window frosting looks very effective when placed in your Brisbane office.
As with all things in life not every bodies needs are the same, so having a large range is important. We stock a wide range of window frosting in our Brisbane location which gives you the option of higher privacy film, rice paper film and many other patterned effects. Chances are we have the window frosting that will suit your needs.
Window frosting around the Brisbane suburbs can be quick too! Because we carry films onboard our Frosted Glass Brisbane vehicles, small jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently without the need for us to come out to do a quote. Just grab a tape measure and measure the glass you require window frosting for. Then jump on the online quote page enter your Brisbane details and we get back to you with a price for your window frosting in Brisbane.

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